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S.W. ADHESIVE CO. is a leading supplier of industrial adhesives. The company was founded in 1993 with factories in China in Tianjin and Guangzhou, with a focus on a variety of adhesive products among industries, with worldwide distribution.


Not only are we the trusted adhesive manufacturer and supplier, but we have also partnered with different global partners, as a distributor, dedicated to being a one-stop-shop for customers in each local market. 


Quality & Certification

Quality is an essential part of our brand and culture. ​ All S.W. products are -

  • certified by SGS (against health, safety and regulatory standards)

  • approved under HJ 2541 (Environmental labeling products)

  • accredited by CMA (per RoHS/ EU Standard)

  • inspected and lab-tested on each batch with COA quality report

Research & Development

Decades of experience in corporate development allow us to act as one of the companies in the development of leading adhesive technologies. 

Safer - Non-toxic, solvent-free, RoHS/EU standard for toxicity, and health

Economical - Less on average glue usage, lower add-on/ use cost

Stable - High performance and stability, with good machinability

Flexible - Solution for diverse application conditions, difficult-to-bond substrates



Advanced factories built for the production of hot melt and water-based adhesives,  in Tianjin, and Guangzhou, China, with an annual output of

50,000 tons of EVA, PUR, PVAc, PSA adhesives. 

We maintain a variety of products in-stock, dedicated for worry-free ordering and trading experience.





Business Advantages


Dr. Runhang Wang, chairman and chief scientist of S.W. Adhesive Co. is recognized and awarded as a pathfinder in the hot melt adhesive industry.


Quality is an essential part of our brand, with each batch of production inspected and granted with COA report (certificate of Analysis).


Leverage the expertise in each industry/application, our team interacts with customers via multiple venues with technical support and customer service.

Cost Competitve

With scale production, bulk sourcing and efficient operation, we provide win-win solutions among trading partners and distributors worldwide.

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Factories located in
Tianjin, Guangzhou, China
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Factories located in
Tianjin, Guangzhou, China
Schedule ahead for factory visit
+86 13011335502

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